Spiral Wrap for Hydraulic Hose

Protect Your Valuable Hydraulic Hoses

with Pig’sTail spiral wrap – multiple colors, multiple sizes.

Pig’s Tail

“Pig’s Tail”™ spiral wrap is a HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) protective spiral wrap designed for easy installation to existing hydraulic hoses as a quick and cost effective method for minimising production losses. More Information


Fire Resistant Anti-Static

FRAS “Pig’s Tail”™ spiral wrap is a conductive flame retardant thermoplastic compound on a polypropylene base. Conductivity is achieved by using special conductive carbon black. In addition to low electrical resistivity. More Information...


Developed from high density polyethylene and photoluminescent, “NIGHTGLOW”  spiral wrap emits light allowing easy identifcation of hydraulic lines, equipment and static objects in low light or night time conditions. More Information...