NightGlow Spiral Wrap

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Nightglow photo luminescent spiral wrap is specifically designed not only to protect but also for easy identification of hydraulic lines with unique light emitting technology.

Highlight and accentuate industrial hydraulic lines to ensure safety with “NightGlow Spiral Wrap”.

NightGlow Spiral Wrap is developed from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and Photo luminescent. “Nightglow” not only wraps and protects your hoses and cables but it also emits light allowing easy accentuation and identification of hydraulic lines, equipments and static objects in low light or night time conditions. The fluorescent glows in the dark and makes the hydraulic lines visible for up to 12 hours. It allows easy identification of ruptured hoses and cables in the dark and helps to prevent mishaps.

Some key features of “NightGlow Spiral Wrap”

  • A unique and protective spiral wrap that ensures safety of hoses, cables and other hydraulic equipments even in the dark and night time.
  • Made from tough High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) & Photo luminescent
  • Fluorescent glow lasts up to constant 12 hour to ensure clear visibility
  • It can be charged by any light source. Easy charging all day and glows at night
  • Provides protection from extreme temperatures conditions (-40°F up to +280°F) and provides resistant to abrasions
  • Manufactured from 100% Virgin Polyethylene
  • Allows easy installation without removing any fittings
  • Flexible, tough and durable
  • Its rounded and beveled edges prevent hoses and cables from being cut
  • Available in wide range of dimensions and sizes
  • Specially designed wall thickness for easy installation
  • Larger sizes also available for bundling multiple hoses
  • Allows easy routing of cables

Typical Application of “NightGlow” Spiral Wrap

NightGlow Spiral Wrap can be ideally used in all major industries as well as many other applications like Mining Machinery, Marine industries, Health and Safety Equipment, Farming Equipment and more.

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