Tidy Ties (Light Duty to Ultra Heavy Duty)

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Use Tidy Ties for effective bundling, fastening, clamping. MIL-Spec certified, these ties will keep your hoses and cables neat and tidy.

Use Tidy Ties to fasten and hold items together. Made of flexible Nylon these ties are self-locking and easy to use. Because of their versatility and durability our “Tidy Ties” are used in a wide-range of sectors and applications, from DIY to Electronics.

Tidy Ties are available in natural and black color and four thicknesses.

  • light duty
  • standard duty
  • heavy duty
  • ultra heavy duty

They conform to MIL-S-23190E, MILITARY SPECIFICATION: STRAPS, CLAMPS, AND MOUNTING HARDWARE, PLASTIC AND METAL FOR CABLE HARNESS TYING AND SUPPORT (28 MAR 1976) [S/S BY SAE-AS23190]., This specification covers a series of plastic and metal components and devices used for the tying and supporting cables, cable assemblies, wire in electrical, electronic and communications equipment, and in interconnection systems.

We also supply reusable cable ties

Some basic features of ‘Tidy Ties’ and their uses.

  • No metal parts, head and pawl are integrally moulded for added strength and durability.
  • Not cut insulation or hands and are comfortable to work with.
  • Bent tip on all CT Series cable ties allows easier pick-up, insertion and pull-up.
  • Self-Locking, one piece low profile head conserves space
  • V-shaped raised ridges on bent tip give a sure grip and easier pull-up.
  • Low smoke and Halogen free
  • UV Stability – Exceeds ASTM-D-4066 with 2.5% carbon black giving nominal 15 yrs normal exposure to UV with less than 10% yield in tensile strength.
  • Operating Temperature: -40°F to 185°F

Download the Tidy Ties Product Brochure to know more about the features, types and various dimensions of our Tidy Ties.